SDS drive solution


Your centralized Chemical inventory with all the substances, mixtures and its components.

The benefits of a centralized Chemical Inventory

Manage Safety Data Sheets efficiently

  • Upload SDS (new or revision), automatically extract SDS key data with ChemParser and update your Chemical Inventory
  • Create users and rules, workflows to approve/ disapprove, validate and authorize Safety Data Sheets
  • Keep track of all communications with your suppliers

Chemical information at your fingertips

  • Take control of all substances and mixtures used (by plant, supplier, by hazard statement, etc… ). Zoom into any mixture to display its components
  • Search and filter results among all key data (section 1, 2 and 3)
  • Use free text search to browse any other section of your SDSs
  • Store your SDS into a centralized inventory

Make SDS available enterprise-wide

EHS managers can now make all SDS information available within the entire organization.

Thanks to the cloud-based SDS DRIVE Platform, Safety Data Sheet information is accessible 24/7 to workers, doctors/medicals, emergency and transportation services.

SDS DRIVE solution automatically performs the indexing of sections 1, 2 and 3 of the Safety Data Sheet in order to transform all chemical information into data and to populate the ChemInventory.

In case of a mixture, the quantity of extracted information can be equivalent to 30 different data fields as detailed information of each substance in section 3 is also extracted and stored.   

Advanced Search & Filters

By applying filters or using the free text search, HSE managers can easily retrieve any chemical information within any SDS: CAS number, trade name, Hazard Statement (H) of a substance as well as a substance within a mixture.

Hazard statements are important indicators and can be related to a mixture (section 2) or to a component of a mixture (section 3.2). The following examples show two different types of analysis based on the Hazard Statement Code H319 (causes serious eye irritation).

Example 1: by applying a filter containing H319 within the search box of section 2 (on the left side), SDS DRIVE displays the complete list of all substances and mixtures containing the H319 Hazard statement.

SDS DRIVE Digital Transformation: search for hazard statements in section 2 of your SDS Chemical Inventory

Example 2: Due to priority rules in hazard classification of the mixtures, the hazard statement of a mixture may not include all the hazard statements of its components (substances).

By applying the same filter H319 within the search box of section 3 (mixtures), SDS DRIVE searches and retrieves all H319 statements within the components/substances of a mixture that at least contain one H319 statement. In this case the mixture itself shows an H317 statement (may cause an allergic skin reaction) while one of its components contains the H319 statement (causes serious eye irritation). 

This advanced search and filter functionality can be extended to any Safety Data Sheet key data information within your ChemInventory.

SDS DRIVE Digital Transformation: search for hazard statements in section 3 of your SDS Chemical Inventory

ChemParser automatically converts SDSs into JSON and XML

ChemParser's technology automatically extracts all key Safety Data Sheet information
within section 1, 2 and 3 and exports data into JSON and XML formats.

Section 1

  • Name of the substance or mixture (trade name, designation of mixture)
  • Revision date
  • Language
  • Type of product (Substance/Mixture)
  • Supplier name
  • Recommended use and restriction

Section 2
Hazards identification

  • CLP classification (according to Classification, Labelling and Packaging Regulation)
  • Hazard pictograms
  • Signal words
  • Hazard statements
  • Precautionary statements

Section 3

Composition / Information

  • Chemical name / identity
  • CAS number, EC number, Index number, REACH registration number
  • Hazard classes, categories and statements
  • Concentration range
  • M-factor and notes

Allow workers to access Safety Data Sheets as regulated by REACH and OSH legislation.

According to REACH and the national OSH regulation, employees need to have access to Safety Data Sheets

Thanks to your centralized, up-to-date and cloud-based ChemInventory, workers can search and easily retrieve the chemical information about the substances and mixtures used.

Workers, employees or any authorized person can:

  • search the chemical inventory by product name, CAS number;
  • view pictograms;
  • verify hazard and precautionary statements;
  • display the Safety Data Sheet;
  • download and print the SDS.

Generate simplified Safety Data Sheets

Generate a customized and simplified SDS for workers.

Thanks to the data indexing performed by SDS DRIVE, a harmonized and simplified version of the Safety Data Sheet is automatically generated to address the requirements of information and safer use of chemicals for workers.

The standard simplified SDS can contain the following information:

  • Product identifier, CAS number, Reach Reg. Number, etc.
  • Hazard Pictograms according CLP
  • Hazard statements (safety, health, environment)
  • Precautionary statements

The layout of the simplified SDS is 100% customizable with a company LOGO and other safety contact information like the name of the person responsible for emergency situations, phone numbers, etc.

SDS DRIVE Solution: Example of automatically generated simplified Safety Data Sheet (SDS)

Discover SDS DRIVE

SDS DRIVE feature icon: automatically screen all your SDSs to understand your portfolio

Understand your SDS portfolio

Automatically screen all your SDSs to obtain a comprehensive report of your portfolio (duplicates, obsoletes, or no SDS).

SDS DRIVE feature icon: Automatically create your SDS Chemical Inventory

Automatically create your SDS Chemical Inventory

Automatically index all your SDSs and populate a centralized cloud-based Chemical Inventory with all the substances and mixtures that you are using.

SDS DRIVE feature icon: use advanced Search & Filters

Use advanced Search & Filters

Browse your Chemical Inventory using free text search or filters (CAS, EINECS, INDEX, CLP, Hazard statements) to retrieve all SDSs matching the search criteria.

SDS DRIVE feature icon: make SDS available for a safer use of chemicals

Make SDS available for a safer use of chemicals

Allow workers to access SDSs as regulated by REACH and by OSH legislation.

SDS DRIVE feature icon: automatically generate a simplified SDS

Generate simplified SDS

Import your own templates and generate a simplified document containing the main hazard information.

SDS DRIVE feature icon: automatically generate a simplified SDS

Detect hazardous substances & mixtures

Synchronize your chemical inventory with ECHA lists, CosIng database, ZDHC MRSL and other lists to instantly identify substances of concern.

SDS DRIVE feature icon: connect chemical substances to ECHA InfoCards

Get instant hazard notifications

Get instantly notified by email about any risk status update of hazardous substances.

Instant access to ECHA InfoCards

One-click access to the ECHA InfoCard for each registered substance of your chemical inventory.

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