Digitalization of the chemical information

Automatically digitalize the chemical information from your SDS to populate your centralized chemical inventory with data.

SDS drive solution

SDS DRIVE Digital Transformation: ChemConnect detects hazardous substances within a mixture

SDS drive solution

The most effective solution to digitalize Safety Data Sheets and to manage data for a safer use of chemicals.


SDS Drive Solution: ChemParser automatically extracts key data from your Safety Data Sheets (SDS)

Automatically process your SDS to transform pdf into data

ChemParser unique technology processes your SDSs automatically and digitalizes the key information (section 1, 2 and 3) included in the Safety Data Sheets to populate your Chemical Inventory with data.


SDS Drive Solution: ChemInventory, your chemical database with all the information about substances & mixtures used

Search and browse your chemical inventory

ChemInventory is your centralized chemical database where all your substances and mixtures are stored and classified.

Take decisions based on data, meet your obligations to comply with REACH regulation and perform impact analyses based on CLP regulation, H and P statements across your chemical inventory.

Browse and zoom into the mixtures to discover detailed information of their components and make Safety Data Sheets available to workers.


SDS Drive Solution: ChemConnect synchronises your chemical inventory with ECHA and other lists

Detect hazardous substances and their impact within your organization & supply chain

ChemConnect synchronizes your Chemical Inventory with ECHA and other lists (California Proposition 65, CosIng database, ZDHC MRSL, BLUESIGN, Precursors, etc.),  to detect hazardous substances & mixtures, in order to:

  • understand how your chemical inventory is impacted by your preferred lists (ZDHC MRSL, CosIng database, specialty chemicals, etc.)
  • help HSE managers to evaluate chemical risks and to save time on regulatory tracking

SDS DRIVE roadmap to reach compliance

A bottom-up approach to help Chemical Manufacturers and Downstream Users (DU) to take informed decisions based on real data.

Understand your SDS portfolio

Automatically convert SDS into data

Populate your Chemical Inventory

Make chemical information accessible to workers

Synchronize substances & mixtures with ECHA lists and others

Detect and manage hazardous substances

Search and browse your Chemical Inventory

Thanks to the ChemInventory, HSE organizations are able to get a detailed overview of all the substances and mixtures used within the company (product name, type of product, CAS number, REACH registration number, precautionary and hazard statements, CLP classification, etc.).

Moreover, in oder to professionally manage Safety Data Sheets organizations can set up their own workflow from incoming SDS for compliance verification, approval or revocation, etc. and distribute the information across the company.

SDS DRIVE Digital Transformation: search and browse your SDS Chemical Inventory by trade name, SDS revision date, Supplier, Hazard and Precautionary statements, CLP, etc.

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Connect your Chemical Inventory to lists

Candidate List
of substances of very high concern for Authorisation (SVHC)
Authorisation List
(List of substances included in Annex XIV of REACH)
Restriction List
under REACH (Annex XVII)
Harmonized Substances
(Annex VI - CLP Regulation)
Registered substances

California Proposition 65

OEHHA (Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment) list containing a wide range of naturally occurring and synthetic chemicals that are known to cause cancer or birth defects or other reproductive harm

Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals

List of Manufacturing Restricted Substances (MRSL) for the apparel and footwear industry

Reduce risk and detect hazardous substances used within your organisation

ChemConnect automatically synchronizes all the substances (as well as substances within mixtures) of the chemical inventory with ECHA, CosIng database, California Proposition 65, ZDHC MRSL, Precursors and other industry specific lists and sends automatic alerts in case of any change or update.

SDS DRIVE Digital Transformation: ChemConnect detects hazardous chemicals within substances and mixtures

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Make Safety Data Sheets available enterprise-wide
for a safer use of chemicals

Track all communication with your suppliers to report non compliance statuses, updates on new uses or missing exposure scenarios.

Make safety, health, environmental data available to workers, emergency and transportation services.

Automatically generate simplified Safety Data Sheets (SDSs) based on customizable templates for relevant stakeholders.

SDS DRIVE Solution: Example of automatically generated simplified Safety Data Sheet (SDS)

Discover SDS DRIVE

SDS DRIVE feature icon: automatically screen all your SDSs to understand your portfolio

Understand your SDS portfolio

Automatically screen all your SDSs to obtain a comprehensive report of your portfolio (duplicates, obsoletes, or no SDS).

SDS DRIVE feature icon: Automatically create your SDS Chemical Inventory

Automatically create your SDS Chemical Inventory

Automatically index all your SDSs and populate a centralized cloud-based Chemical Inventory with all the substances and mixtures that you are using.

SDS DRIVE feature icon: use advanced Search & Filters

Use advanced Search & Filters

Browse your Chemical Inventory using free text search or filters (CAS, EINECS, INDEX, CLP, Hazard statements) to retrieve all SDSs matching the search criteria.

SDS DRIVE feature icon: make SDS available for a safer use of chemicals

Make SDS available for a safer use of chemicals

Allow workers to access SDSs as regulated by REACH and by OSH legislation.

SDS DRIVE feature icon: automatically generate a simplified SDS

Generate simplified SDS

Import your own templates and generate a simplified document containing the main hazard information.

SDS DRIVE feature icon: automatically generate a simplified SDS

Detect hazardous substances & mixtures

Synchronize your chemical inventory with ECHA lists, CosIng database, ZDHC MRSL and other lists to instantly identify substances of concern.

SDS DRIVE feature icon: connect chemical substances to ECHA InfoCards

Get instant hazard notifications

Get instantly notified by email about any risk status update of hazardous substances.

Instant access to ECHA InfoCards

One-click access to the ECHA InfoCard for each registered substance of your chemical inventory.

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